Windrider Forum

The Windrider Forum, is founded on the belief that stories are truly the “storehouses” of culture. Visual media, our culture’s principal form of storytelling, is the most critical, value-defining medium of our age.


Sundance InstituteWe believe in the power of story to transcend the normal communication of stats and figures. Stories evoke more than just the mind – they pull at the heart and connect at a much deeper level. The Windrider Forumhas grown to become a one of a kind immersive experience during the Sundance Film Festival.


Annual attendance includes, 250 participants from 25 Christian universities and theological seminaries, 75 leaders from film, media, business, academia, ministry and journalism will join us for one of Sundance’s largest ticketing cohort of over 300 people. The Windrider Institute is a Sundance Associate and the Windrider Forum is a Sundance approved and sanctioned event during the Sundance Film Festival.


Many films viewed at Sundance were a visually potent picture of the filmmaker’s heartfelt search for answers – and as we bring these filmmakers back to the Windrider Forum classroom, we shape our Q&A approach to honor their craft, listen to their stories, and find thoughtful, spiritual themes in their work.