Windrider Forum

The Vision

The vision for the Windrider Institute was launched in 2004.

Co-founders John and Ed Priddy joined Will Stoller-Lee from Fuller Theological Seminary and filmmaker/author/educator Dr. Craig Detweiler, to explore the possibilities of an immersive educational experience at the Sundance Film Festival – with the idea that the Sundance Film Festival could provide a dynamic learning laboratory for students, as Christians, to engage in a cultural dialogue as it takes shape.


In 2005, Fuller Theological Seminary and Biola University, participated in the inaugural Windrider Forum at Sundance with the assumption that they would simply be guests at the festival, and that their spiritual conversations would be of little interest to the Sundance filmmakers and the broader public.


Many films viewed at Sundance were a visually potent picture of the filmmaker’s heartfelt search for answers – and as we brought these filmmakers back to the Windrider Forum classroom, we shaped our Q&A approach to honor their craft, listen to their stories, and find thoughtful, spiritual themes in their work.

“Screening our film at Windrider was unlike any other festival experience we’ve had. I think we’ve felt more appreciated as artists here than we have at any other festival in the country.”

— Destin Daniel Cretton, Director/Writer, Sundance Award winner

TODAY, the Windrider Forum is recommended and sought out by Sundance filmmakers who often credit it as…

“One of the most meaningful conversations of their time at the festival.”

— Barbara Stepanksky, Trojan Cow, Award winning filmmaker