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We would not be able to offer such a unique opportunity without the generosity of our local partners.

Windrider Lodge: Hospitality in Action 2018

The Windrider Forum is a unique cultural immersion experience at the Sundance Film Festival that brings together undergraduate and graduate students, filmmakers, pastors, youth workers, and community leaders to engage in a dialogue about some of the most challenging issues in our culture today. We identify ways to bridge the divisiveness that often exists when these conversations take place. We equip and encourage participants to find meaningful ways to tell stories of hope, reconciliation and redemption. From our modest beginnings in 2005, we have grown to become the largest student group at Sundance, more than 200 participants from 15+ schools.


We would not be able to offer such a unique opportunity without the generosity of our local partners. One way that you can help out is by offering to host a couple students in your home for one week during the festival. Here is some information about that opportunity.


Windrider Forum Executive Director, Will Stoller-Lee
Phone: 719.338.7556


All of our guests will be adults, mostly in their 20’s and 30’s, some a little older. Many are students and staff from Fuller Theological Seminary.  Some are pastors, ministry leaders, or aspiring filmmakers. Several are from other countries. All of them will be attending the Windrider Forum at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Your Windrider guests will be arriving on Sunday, January 27th and will be departing on Sunday, February 3rd. We are asking you to provide accommodations for seven nights during the later half of the Sundance Film Festival. We will connect you with your guests on Sunday evening, January 27th at 8:00pm at the Christian Center of Park City (CCPC), 1283 Deer Valley Drive.

Bed/Bath/Food. We would like to house at least 2 guests at each home, but want to provide a separate bed for each individual with access to a full bath.  Indicate whether you prefer your guests to be male, female, or a married couple and whether you can comfortably accommodate more than 2 guests.  You do not need to plan to prepare any meals for them, but it would be nice to have some light breakfast items or snacks available for the morning (fruit, yogurt, cereal/granola, coffee, juice).

Your guests will have a full daily schedule.  They will usually be up early in the morning and returning home late at night. Since they will be returning late at night we ask you to leave a door unlocked or provide a key for them.

Most of our guests will not have their own vehicle but we do not expect you to provide transportation for them.  We hope many of you live conveniently near a Sundance shuttle or public transportation stop so that they can get to the LDS Stake Center or the CCPC and the Sundance venues each day.  If you do not live near any public transportation we will try to house a guest with you who does have a car or can be picked up and dropped off each day by someone with a car.

The generosity of the Park City faith community has made it possible to offer the Windrider Forum at the Sundance Film Festival for 15 years now. In return for this generosity, we are launching the “Friends of Windrider” program this year for our Park City volunteers, stakeholders, and host homes. Here are some of the benefits of that program.

  • Invitation to be a VIP guest at the Windrider Short Film Showcase which will take place on Monday, January 28th, 5:00-9:00pm at the Park City Stake Center (2300 Monitor Drive). Dinner and reserved seating for the premiere of four award winning short films is included.


  • Join us for the Windrider Forum class sessions each morning (January 28 – February 1, 2019).


  • Attend our first ever Sundance/Windrider community film screening and Q&A. This free, invitation-only event of a 2019 Sundance film will take place on the evening of Wednesday January 30th, at the Redstone Theater in Kimball Junction.


  • Attend our first ever Windrider Forum panel at the Filmmakers Lodge on Main Street during Sundance. (requires a Windrider festival credential).


  • Join a team of local stakeholders who will help to design and plan future community screenings and events in partnership with Windrider and Sundance.

2019 Windrider Forum

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